25 December 2010

Mukherjee Tries New Approach

New Delhi :
In the latest attempt to appease the opposition on the 2G scam, Pranab Mukherjee suggested that the JPC demand be dropped by the BJP,CPI(M) in return, the Prime Minister would face the toughest judicial committee in the land,The Indian Idol jury. The finance minister said " the authenticity of the idol jury has no doubt in anyones mind, The PM will pass with flying colours. "
 On hearing this Anu Malik was ecstatic... he said " i speak for the idol jury when i say, tan tana tan tan tan tara... chalta hai kya nau se bara " Mr Malik was about to break into his enormous architectural ballad hit 'Oonchi hai building' , but the press had to go home at some point.

The opposition headed by Arun Jaitley had this to say, " the govt. is trying to take the focus off this scam, even being questioned by Dolly Bindra has no meaning to the Opposition, even though that would make for some sweet T.V.
Mr Jaitley went ahead and repeated his rhetoric of 'shadyantra',' conspiracy', 'Raja ka band baja', and 'onion make me cry ', but the full transcripts cannot be provided as the laptop being used had only 80 Gb of hard drive space.

Communist leader Sitaram Yechury added " time has come for Communism to thrive in this land once more. " the press conference abruptly ended in the howling laughter of the journalists.