25 March 2011

Chennai :

With the Tamil Nadu polls coming up in a few days time, the DMK led by M.Karunanidhi has devised a new poll strategy to make sure that Jayalalitha does not come into power.

After the A.Raja 2G episode, the DMK has been looking like the weaker party that might have to taste defeat, with so many dependents in his family he needs to support, M. Karunanidhi has vowed not to let Amma's Anna-DMK to come to power

It was revealed during the election nomination that a DMK MLA (E Velu) managed to multiply his wealth 780 times within 5 years of his term, and he credits it to 'Market Dynamics', heres the      Link.

So now M.Karunanidhi has promised to make this man  'E Velu', the next CM of Tamil Nadu, if the DMK comes to power once again.

he stated   " if our economy was to be multiplied by 780 times, it would be 67 trillion dollars, and the worlds largest Economy is the US at $ 14 trillion. Tamil Nadu will be the biggest superpower ever! So we have a financial wizard in the form of Chalu, i mean E Velu. "

he added, " have u noticed he is called E Velu and not jus Velu, which means he is Economically, Ecologically, Electronically capable Velu "

Jayalalitha (aka Amma)  responded to this tactic by saying  " Tamil Nadu can have gaadi, bangla , bank balance, biggest economy, Ashwin, Leander etc, but it doesn't have one thing..........Amma! "

pictured : Current Tamil Nadu and soon to be Tamil Nadu.