20 January 2011

Cabinet Boss

Mumbai :

With the Media dismissing the recent Cabinet Reshuffle as a diversionary tactic, the Prime Minister has come up with a new strategy to keep the mass public happy with the next reshuffle.

The reshuffle will now be telecast on the T.V channel Colours. It will be a one hour special known as, Cabinet Boss.

Salman Khan has agreed to to host the show, and the names of the ministers who will be part of the show are creating a buzz in the rumour mills.

Opposition member Murli Manohar Joshi, or MMJ has branded this Reshuffle as ''Scripted'',
he added " The BJP , if it came to power would deliver a more realistic show called Kaun Banega Cabinet Mantri."

19 January 2011

Lame Conversation

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One Day Reshuffle

Chennai, TN :
Following the Cabinet Reshuffle, the BCCI selectors committee Chairman, Kris Shrikant has held a press conference to unveil a Cricket reshuffle, here are the new positions.

 M.S.Dhoni : Mahi will now be allocated to the overhyped player job, he is dethroned as captain, he is given the position of the Indian teams hair stlylist and is happy about it


Parthiv Patel : Parthiv, or Nano chokro, will be the new captain of India
'' Captain su che? ''

'' Aila bowling? ''

Sachin Tendulkar : Sachin is now the leading pacebowler for india

'' Coach coach hota hai? ''
Yuvraj Singh : is now the coach of the Indian Cricket team, and also their masseuse

Neem ka patta kadva hai, Shahid Afridi B****A hai!
Sourav Ganguly : After some hard lobbying with Nirra Radia's help, Dada is now the
designated 'crazy man in the stands'  for India