06 January 2011

Poll of the weak !

People were asked who Rahul Gandhi should marry,

38 %  said he should marry Deepika Padukone

32 %  said Pamela Anderson

15 %   said Rakhi Sawant. 

14 %  said  " me, me, me"

1%    said Jairam Ramesh


05 January 2011


New Delhi : With Banks all over the country facing a Micro money shortage the Reserve bank of India , fondly known as the Tijori of India ( not related to Deepak Tijori ) has formally given a Money package in the form of Cadbury Eclairs to several banks of the country

actual package sent to all banks

Bank chiefs all over the country were astonished with this package the Govt. granted them, but the Finance Minister reassured them that the goods being sent were the new age exchange of money,

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said  "Our ancestors exchanged coins & crops and gold & silver, our times have embarked upon a new means of exchange, the Eclair "

The stock markets were the first ones to capatalise on this new development by listing the new currency on the market

In other news, Cadbury and Nestle have posted a 200 times increase in profits for the 1st quarter of 2011.