15 March 2011

Air-plain Pilots


A series of scams in the country has been followed up by a sequel , no not 3G License scam, but Airline pilot License Scam.

 It has been reported in the news media i.e TOI that a significant amount of Airline pilots are flying airplanes without valid licenses.
The hints were getting more and more obvious

Flogger does not believe its arch-rival Times of India, so we have decided to follow up on this story just like, Navjot Singh Siddhu follows up on an excellent observation by Tony Greig.

"My friend when the dogs are meowing and the crows are quacking the devil can only be scandalized with a deep penance of a chocolate fairy that... oh fuck it, i once killed a guy! "

Indian following rules in Dubai
The question raised is that how can a real life Catch me if u can scenario unfold in our country where obtaining a license to do anything has such strict and vigorous procedure. If Indians are known for anything its for their belief in following rules.
Indian cop following LATHI MARO protocol

This next question raised is how did these pilots fool airport security with invalid fake licenses?, An airport official gave a statement that "over crowding at airports can be tough on us too, catching terrorist and taking in tourist smell and then paying airport food prices are horrible enough, now we must check pilot authenticity?"
Indian airports at their  least crowded level.

Airport security will now include AirTrafficCops to monitor possible license offenders, but this system has not shown its full potential, and all the officials don't know why,

Kharcha Pani Exchange
One group of people who are least concerned about all of this are the Travelers.
most Air travellers we questioned had this to say 
" Oh no, fake pilots are not our biggest concern, the chances of them killing us is far lesser than the food that Air India gives. "


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  1. airplane food is definitely a safety hazard but its a shocker that pilots can get into cockpits without licenses...how does anyone's conscience allow that to happen? seems more like a cheap thrill knowing 200 people have put their life into your hands...