28 March 2011

PM to pop the question?


After successfully asking Pakistan's PM for a date, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is pulling all possible strings to impress his significant other,

After playing hard to get Yousuf Gilani, Pakistan's PM, has finally accepted the invitation to a dinner and match date with our Prime minister.

Sources close to Singh told us
"The PM is ecstatic that Gilani finaly picked up his call and said yes to meeting him for the India Pakistan match, What a brilliant Chance pe Dance this has been for our PM "

 he added ,
"Singh , Manmohan Singh "
" They had met earlier at a Mutual friends' place (UN) , but did not have enough time to socialise so they exchanged phone numbers and moved on "
 " Manmohanji has been busy with these scams, so calling Gilani over would seem a little awkward, now that the PM has the nations backing again he could finally make a move to call him over for dinner and a nice match"

But other sources say that the PM may have done this since Pak president Asif ali Zardari has distanced himself from Manmohan
" Oh Hey Hiiiiii ! "
Zardari's close aide was heard saying,
" Zardari and Singh used to be on better terms, but seems the Singh has moved on"
" This mastermove by PM singh has really irritated Zardari, as he was hoping to be called for a patch up, and Zardari sir was very close to Gilani sir, now things may never be the same "

Meanwhile Gilani's close aides have confirmed that he is very nervous about meeting our PM, he said,

" Gilani sir has already had a haircut and ordered new suits , he even called Manish malhotra for Fashion advice, needless to say he's stoked to meet Singhji "

" OMG im so confused, What shall i wear? the blue tie is better but wont it clash with his turban? "

The PM seems to be a real Ranbir Kapoor of the Political world, when Arun jaitley asked the PM to clarify his fondness of Pakistanis, the PM said, " we are just Prime ministers "

as Ranbir kapoor puts it, " upar se lane ka niche dabane ka, piche uthane ka, aaahhhhh ! "

Flogger asked Singh on who he thought would win the Match, Singh replied

" Haha, nice question,  Winner? hmm, I think i have already won (winks) "

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