06 March 2011

Man moh one !

New Delhi: 

The Congress party has been in a quandary after the DMK has threatened to pull out of the Government. The Congress working committee met yesterday to fill this void in Government, with Spin doctors such as Arjun Singh no more, and crunch bowlers such as Amar Singh forced retired, the Government seems to mirror the Indian Cricket Teams dependability right now,
But for India there is a Sachin, and for Indias Government there is .. well no one.
But for India there is also Shahrukh who has as many allies with him as the UPA,

similarly for the Government there is One, the Man.Moh.One

"i want to go on Kappi with Karunanidhi"

Just like Sharukhs stellar performances in movies... in front of the media, Manmohone is known for giving inspiring speeches

Dr.Singh is very angry with the DMK, and sources tell flogger that the Kalaignar and his Brady bunch are worried by the PM's new position, one that everyone dreads, "the hand fold"
hmmmph, jao Katti!

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  1. hey liked manmoh one pic too funny