29 January 2011


Mumbai :

Amitabh Bachchans several Filmfare Lifetime awards and the latest one at the Filmfare awards have raised many an eyebrow in the non film fraternity, and the Veteran actor has contacted Flogger for a clarification. This is a transcript of the conversation obtained by wikileaks and then uploaded on piratebay and then we downloaded it from a hacked email that had a proxy Wi-fi account, its a Mumbai thing, u wouldn't understand.

Back to the conversation with Flogger and The Big B

Number kya hain HAEEENNNN?

Bachchan :  Aadab, pranam, sasriyakaal , Main  Bacchan sahab bol raha hoon, is this Flogger India?
Flogger:  Oh god, my god, oh shit, its him, its him, its Abhishek Bachchan !!!!!!
Bachchan:  Nahi Nahi, i am The Amitabh ! (lightning thunder)
Flogger:  oh its you, yea tell me
Bachchan:  are you doubting my Filmfare Lifetime Awards credibility?
Flogger:  not exactly, but you do seem to have quite a Few
Bachchan:  my dear boy,
Flogger:  im not your BOY!, i wish i was, hes chooo cute ! you have NO iDeA !!!! (wink wink)
Bachchan:  My dear non boy, i have died in Deewar, Sholay, Agneepath, Pa, i nearly died in Sarkar, and people thought i was dead after that accident few years back, they thought my career was dead before i did KBC, so you see non boy, I am Indestructible, and hence no amount of Lifetime Awards is good enough for me.

Flogger:  Woah, i pray to thee my lord.
Bachchan:  Afsoooossss, samay samapti ki Ghoshna, Sexy sam out, F*** You biatch!

Flogger issues this apology to Filmfare and requests it to name the Best Actor Award as The Sharukh Khan Award for Ak.k.k.k.k.k.ting  Excellence

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