29 January 2011

Reservation Jail

Delhi :

 This week, Columnist Anish Trivedi was given a Jail sentence for 6 years for making Casteist comments for writing against reservation. Flogger met the Home Minister P.Chidambaram for a clarification of the States' stand.

Yo wazzaap, im Homie P
Homie P as he likes to be called, said that " Do not worry, Mr Anish Trivedi wont be sent to jail, we have started a Jail Cell reservation system, and no matter if any ones in that cell or not, no one else can occupy it. The open category Cells are all filled up, so there is no space for Mr Trivedi. "

This Ironic turn of events has shown Mr Trivedi the benefits of reservation and he adds , " I wont ever drink before writing anything ever again "

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