25 January 2011



The Chief Minister of J&K Omar Abdullah in a candid interview with Flogger admitted that the real reason behind the State protesting the Flag hoisting of the BJP is that no one in the state is keen on waking up at 6 am.
Soooo Sleeepyyyyyy !

Abdullah added   " Sure I am Indian, and its in our Indian-ness that we are too lazy to get up early, why cant the BJP understand that when i meant that there would be unrest in Kashmir, i meant our rest is disturbed."

" I love  y-    , i mean i love sleep "
"The people of the state are sleepy just like me, and they stand by me, rather sleep by me."

Farooq Abdullah interrupted this interview and added " Nehru said on 15th Aug 1947 that India will wake up as a nation , and i say that we shall sleep as a nation on 26th Jan. "

The Seperatists like Umar Farooq, who were incidently playing cricket at Abdullah's residence added " we have always believed in separatism , after all we separate our sleep from work, we want Azadi from Work. "

"Why wont u  seperate me from Srikanth, i am Unique "

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  1. hehehehehe......but sumone will not happy reading this...:-p